Waste Treatment Technologies

Operation Profile

Wah Kok Professional Engineering Contractor has formed a joint venture (WK-TWT) with a Western Europe based company providing turn-key solutions in waste processing, waste-to-energy solutions and related waste handling infrastructure, with Wah Kok providing manufacturing, construction & assembly services for projects in ASEAN region.

Operations Philisophy

Our goal is to serve our clients based on the following main objectives:
1. Compliance with the strictest environmental regulations on the planet
2. State-of-the-art technical solutions
3. Optimum operational reliability
4. Cost effectiveness, both on investments as day to day operations



Operations Methodology

WK-TWT uses the latest design techniques to develop their products. All our designs are made using 3D engineering packages, evaluated with FEM (Finite Element Methods) and are fully automated to the latest standards in plant automation.




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Rotary Kiln Technologies

Our main focus is to provide rotary kiln based waste processing plants. Simply because this is the most versatile (in waste acceptance), the most reliable (in day to day operations and maintenance), the most technical straightforward (proven reliability on end quality and emissions) and with that the most effective solution.


Pyrolysis / Gasification

WK-TWT has built a 60.000 tons/year chemical waste gasification plant, now in operation for more than 15 years (which is rather unique on the planet) and knows – out of practice- the advantages and disadvantages of such a process. On specific application pyrolysis has major advantages over conventional incineration; making it a practical advisable solution. 60.000 tons/year hazardous chemical waste gasification plant


Fluidized Bed Technologies

WK-TWT has operated and improved fluidized bed technology for many years: similar to gasification/pyrolysis, fluidized bed can have specific advantages on dedicated waste streams. Although definitely not as versatile as rotary kiln technology, fluidized bed incineration does have its reason for living if applied to specific waste streams (generally speaking with well-defined properties).


Mercury Treatment Technologies

WK-TWT has successfully built and operated the first Mercury treatment facility in South East Asia, complying with all international standards; resulting in complete non-hazardous end products with typically < 5 mg Hg/kg. Typical Mercury removal efficiencies > 99.97 %! Most components manufactured, tested in Singapore, assembled in Thailand. 120 tons/year Hg treatment facility


Waste Storage And Transfer Technologies

To store and pump wastes is not “as easy as it looks” and greatly underestimated generally speaking in the engineering phase. Waste storage and pumping is a very specific and unique technology, at least if you want to do this in a reliable way. WK-TWT has the proven know-how to deal with your waste in a reliable way. The large pump concept provides a simple but reliable way to transfer wastes, up to pump discharge pressures of 120 bar (g) (= pumping line pressure). Pumps of this type are able to operate at a pumping rate of 30.000 tons/year of shredded metal waste and sludges (= 240.000 tons of waste through 1 single 700 mm bore pump) Large pump concept (having pumped more than 250.000 tons of shredded chemical waste)



WK-TWT has a strong presence in SE-Asia and Europe for more than 25 years. As business is expanding, WK-TWT has projects as well in India and The Middle East. Main focus of WK-TWT is indeed the emerging markets of the need of professional waste treatment and waste to energy solutions in the most cost effective way.


Our Business Partners 

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